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35: Creatings Tools for Xamarin.Forms. With Steven Thewissen

On episode 35 of DevTalk I speak to Steven Thewissen about the Xamarin.Forms open source libraries he is working on.


30: Time from a developer’s perspective. With Matt Johnson-Pint

On episode 30 of DevTalk I speak to Matt Johnson-Pint about time from a developer’s perspective. Among other things, we cover the topic of leap year bugs and what to do against them.


28: Developing accessible apps. With Tobias Scholze

On this episode of DevTalk I speak to Tobias Scholze about disabilities and developing accessible apps. You might notice this episode was heavily edited (mostly by Tobias), so don’t be surprised if things don’t match up perfectly. But we didn’t want to keep this episode from you because of communication issues.